Monday, March 5, 2012

The news makes me sick

At UVU you are not allowed to ask for any information about any other student, even if that person is your child or your spouse. At the hospital all your information is locked down tight, why is the police department allowed to release 911 phone calls to you news?? This does not make any sense to me!

My friends recently had a home intruder, who robbed them, threatened them, and terrified them far beyond anything anyone should have to live through. Days later, when they are still shaken from the experience, and just trying to live their lives, the police department releases there full names and the entire 911 phone call to any greedy fingers that want it.

If I cant access my family members student information at UVU, every Tom, Dick and Harry should not be privileged to hear the scaring night in instant replay!

Get a grip people!! Leave them alone!! They are just good people trying to live their lives the best they know how!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Grey's Anatomy

Love this show.
If you know me at all, you know I'm always on the search for a new tv show to watch on DVD.
Thanks to Wendy I have found a new one. Awesome Awesome Awesome.
Just started season 4. Tryin to pace myself or I will find myself too soon looking for a new show.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Breaking Dawn

Just found out that the Breaking Dawn
Movie is finally in the works!!
They picked a director, Bill Condon. Never heard of him but I am stocked to find out they are actually working on it. Same screen writer and cast I take it. (at least I hope they dont switch again like they did with Victoria.)
Should be an awesome movie!!!
I saw the second trailer for Eclipse too, cant wait til June.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I miss the old One Tree Hill

I miss the old One Tree Hill...

I was a few seasons late to the One Tree Hill party, but once I found it, it didn't take me long to catch up. I loved it!! It was funny and romantic, it was thought provoking and interesting, it was my favorite. This season has been a different story though. Its like its not even the same show anymore. I miss the real One Tree Hill....

I miss Lucas and the hometown feeling that he brought to the show. I miss his relationship with Nathan, and the way he called him "Little Brother." I miss the way he watched over Haley, his best friend in the whole world, and the way he worried about his mother. Most of all I miss his narrations at the beginning or end of each episode. The stirring quotes from famous authors or poets that always made me think. He is the other half of our story of two brothers and he leaves a hole when he is gone.

I miss having a real villain on the show. One that you love to hate because he embodies everything that a true villain should be. A man that is never ever good but he always makes you question whether this time will be different, but its just one of the tricks up his sleeve. Yes I admit it, I miss Dan Scott!!

I miss Peyton. I miss her art, and her desire to create something that would mean something to somebody. I miss the music she brought to the show. Ohh I miss the music. Jacks Manniquin, The Weepies, Nada Surf, The Who, Kate Voegle. So many bands that I learned to love from watching this show because of Peyton. I miss Leyton, the cookie dough fights and the secret kisses.

I miss the old Nathan. The one who actually had his own story lines and wasn't just the husband or the father, but actually had a voice and his own story to tell. I miss the guy who messed up a lot but always had the best apologies. The guy with an attitude. The guy who was strong enough to emancipate himself from his parents but sweet enough to cry when he holds his son.

I miss Jake! I miss Keith, Karen, Whitie and all of the faces that made up Tree Hill. I know they have brought in new cast members but honestly its not the same. Quinn and Alex HAVE to go. I have disliked characters on the show before but they were at least place holders. I miss the old cast.

So if you ask me season seven has been a bust. Recycled plot lines, diminished characters and really a sad way to wrap up one of the best shows I've ever watched. I'm loyal enough to the show to finish it out but after this season ends I will go back to living in a world where One Tree Hill ended in season six. Lucas and Peyton happily married with baby Sawyer. Brooke finally finding her happily ever after with Julien. Nathan and Haley's dreams finally being realized. Perfect ending for a perfect show.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I went opening weekend to see Zac Efron's
17 Again. He is so beautiful, LOVED
LOVED LOVED the show. God must have spent
a little more time on him :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fort Collins

I flew out for a weekend to visit my bestest friend Manda.
It was so much fun. I got a tour of Ft Collins and met all her super cool friends. It was pretty cold for a lot of the trip but we just put on three coats and headed out. I took a tour of Old Town, ate at a bunch of fun resturants and watched Back To The Future!

If you want to live in a bike lovin, eco friendly, college town, Ft Collins is your dream come true.
No wonder Manda moved there.